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EDM Outfit for the Winter

EDM Outfits for the Winter

Winter is all about warm clothes, layered outfits and added warmth in your style. However layering up does not mean that we give up on looking cute at your next electronic dance music party. This little guideline will help you discover 6 great ideas for your raving winter closet.


A deluxe quality faux-fur shrug is an impeccable winter staple and definitely makes it to the top of a rave attire. Not only will it keep you warm and cozy but will also add that hint of luxury to your outfit. It is jazzy as well as functional and if you are looking for something warm for your edm outfit this winter it should be on the top of your list.

no sleeve shrugfur shrug2


With a harsh chill season being predicted, head gear is a sagacious yet stylish choice this season. You can add an extra element of cuteness in your look without forfeiting your style by opting for a cute bonnet. With the warehouse party season in full swing, keeping warm for your adventure home is just as important as having a sexy edm outfit. In addition they are just too cute to ignore! A MUST staple for your winter wardrobe.


A high-quality hoodie looks fabulous if you are looking for a chic-look (ask Kylie Jenner). The good thing is that it looks great on both girls and guys. One of our favorite up-and-coming brands this winter for edm outfits is INTO THE AM who has a large selection of astral prints/geometrics for your electronic dance music outfits. You can select from a number of available options including fur hoodies, zip hoodies and if you want to get really experimental and want to show off your geeky side, the cyber-hoodies.hoodie


Layers and winters go hand in hand. If you are looking for something crazy as well as sexy, opt for a layered ensemble. You can express your style in several ways with it and believe us the supplemental warmth is invaluable. Layers can be used to pull off a raving winter getup.


Replacing your fun skirts and dresses with cozy, versatile pants is a good idea. In doing so you can keep yourself warm from bone-chilling windy winters and also get to show off your toned legs. Even wearing a legging underneath your skirt or under your beloved short dress can add more warmth to your look.
Thousands of choices of leggings are readily available which can enhance your elegant appearance. From fishnet to glitter to neon to denim or even latex, leggings come in a wide variety. What you need to do is to identify the one that speaks for your style and put together an edm outfit.

  1. COATS

For a night out, make sure to keep yourself warm and cozy with a nice coat. You can opt for neutrals and channel the Kim K. look or even get experimental with bold hues like red and pull off that coveted Duchess Kate Middleton look.
The key is to know your personality and body shape. Always make sure to carry a coat or a nice warm shawl with you, after all it is warmth that adds confidence to your personality in winters. Keep in mind, sky is the limit, get experimental and do something unique with your style this season. Happy winter season and don’t forget to stay warm!

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