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There is a lot of hope when it comes to future fashions and the things that we expect to see given the technological advancement that has rocked the world over the last decade. The apparel industry has got a lot to exploit technologically speaking and one is curious to see how things will turn out eventually.

Fashion isn’t ignoring tech in any way. The market has actually been making attempts to integrate the advancements in technologies with different degrees. Different designers have actually been trying out different things like Alexander McQueen, who did digitally printed dresses in the year 2010. This move encouraged many other designers to actually embrace the digital prints. The success in couture doesn’t really translate to the things that people usually chose when shopping online or at the mall.hoodie

One of the main reasons as to why many of the experiments that try to integrate fashion and tech are done in the couture fashion scene is because they are very costly to pull out. The high tech stuff that people wear away from the runway is usually of low quality and this means more room is there for great improvement.

This gap that needs to be filled, which is where CuteCircuit comes into play. This is a design house that is based in London and it has been gaining a lot of tech when it comes to high tech creations and the other reasons is because they have been doing experiments with high tech clothing that is aimed at the wider audience.

The co-founders say that to see people wearing Cutecircuit during raves and on a daily basis is something that they really love. Their haute couture inventions include Katy Perry costumes that have lights that are inbuilt and then synchronized to the music she does. They have also come up with, Twitter dress which will usually display some tweets that are based on given hash tag. Nicole Scherzinger who was with the pussycat dolls formerly wore the dress in London.

Well, not all of the high tech clothing from Cutecircuit are blingy as the above mentioned, but they have lots of electronics that are inbuilt. Materials like LED lights are used as well as tiny microelectronics, fibers and conductive ribbons. These help in the production of high tech clothing that looks normal until the switch is turned on.raveready

One other stunning piece is the iMiniSkirt. The skirt comes connected to an app that was created by cutecircuit and it is called Q. Using the smartphone app, the person wearing the skirt can actually change the skirt color at any one time. The reason as to why this is possible is due to the Magic Fabric that is used. The special fabric has got thousands of MicroLEDs that have been designed by the company. The fabric is comfortable and smooth just like all other fabrics, but the magic comes in when it is able to change in color, play

different videos and also connect to social media where tweets can be displayed in real time.

One of the downsides of the impressive fashion is that when the high tech clothes that are ready to wear are hefty priced. This means that the clothes cannot be accessed by just anybody.

Cutecircuit isn’t the only player in the market trying out a hand in high tech clothing. Here is the Pixadelic vest by Joshua Hubert is very similar to iMiniSkirt idea. This top has many LED lights that are in custom patterns. He made a shirt to Tetris game.

There are other fashion businesses that are focusing on clothing which is able to react to the tactile movements, or human psychology. The Mood Sweater by Sensoree that has a collar that is illuminated. Here, it is easier to see technology working since the wearers have sensors in the wrist area and then there are wires that connect to the top. You see the color change as per the level of excitement and this is just beautiful. The sweaters are available but one has to pre-order.raveready

There are more companies experimenting with high tech clothing that are functional. A good example is biometric men’s fitness like that has shirts which can track fitness level, physiological stress and activity.

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