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Rave Outfits & EDM Fashion

Rave Outfits & EDM Fashion

When going to a rave, there are so many important considerations that should be made and one of the most important is what you should wear. There are so many things that can help you to consider what is most appropriate and one thing that can really assist is the objective that you may be having. What look do want to achieve and do you want to are you looking for form or function? Are you going to be dancing until the sun rises or will you be in bed by 4am?raveready3

Rave fashion allows you to express your own personal style in the most unique way.

Raves have been with us since the 80s starting in England and the fashion that has been seen at such places have realty evolved over time. In the 90s, dust masks, denim overalls and doc martens were the in thing. Today as the EDM culture has permeated every aspect of the America market, the styles have changed. Flashier, Brighter, More Vibrant, More illicit. The fashion and culture of todays EDM scene has shifted to new hights.

Some of the notable things about the rave scene are the convergence of styles that is really dizzying. Ideas are taken from all over including Goth scene, psychedelic scene, Rastafarianism, and even cartoon characters at times. Rave fashion has really changed and the change was driven in the very first days by the Ibiza club scene and the American house music.

Pete Tong, Carl Cox, and Paul Oakenfold are the British DJ powerhouses that have really done a great deal in popularizing music and the underground rave scene. This is because of the experience that they got in Ibiza where the throbbing beats and the stiles of the early music made so much sense on drugs. These three men decided that they would get this experience back home in England.raveready4

This is how the electronic music clubs came to be. Even though ecstasy was illegal at the time, it was actually tolerated and this is what inspired a change in the nightclub fashion which was typical at the time.

At the early stages, most people wore designer wear so as to stand out and to come through as cool. Converse sneakers and the oversized tees then came to play taking care of the dancing and sweating while on ecstasy. The rave fashion took the high street over and people started to dress down.

The evolution continued with changes seen every now and then and today, we have rave outfits. The fashion in the rave scene is totally sexualized and electric.

Rave Outfits has redefined every other aspect of the rave scene. Baggy jeans are now booty shorts as well as tutus. We no longer see tie-dye tops as they have been replaced by the daisy covered bras. The current time is sexualized, which wasn’t the case when the rave scene started.

In the past, ravers were geeks and freaks. Raving was really about the music initially, but as with most sub cultures purchased by corporate America, this is simply not the case anymore. The atmosphere at raves has also been sexed up because of the different genres that have been introduced thus intruding in the brain chemistry. This is something typical to EDM songs.

raveread1The rave culture has remained fixed in fantasy and also stepping away from the everyday life as we know it. Well, weird as the fashion choice may be, this is real. There are some horrible choices that are made by ravers when it comes to dressing.

EDM has been gaining a lot of steam lately within the mainstream and this has led to the introduction of different EDM fashion brands. This is unique stuff and not just the common things that you may see at local places. Street wear is still very popular, but EDM fashion has been providing very unique pieces which can be chosen according to the style that you love. There are so many pieces that can be picked from various sources. There are some great brands that are available out there.

EDM fashion has been greatly inspired by the EDM artists who have proved to be very fashionable. These are people who have a great sense of fashion in and out of the spotlight. There are some who don’t like to be preyed by the public eye, but others are well known for their extreme wardrobes. This may be with a goal of self-expression or even aesthetic. Most producers dress so as to express and this starts from the hairstyles and the attire which only speak about the EDM culture.Cyber Goth

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